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Yawn!…. That is what happens to most people when they start thinking about Email Marketing. Well not here at The Email People! We live, breathe, and even dream about email. Yes, it's true. And it was a dream not a nightmare.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to start using email for marketing I am here to tell you the time to start was yesterday. Email Marketing generates ~$42 for every $1 spent on Email Marketing! For the non-math nerds out there that is a ~4200% Return On Investment (ROI)!

These days Email Marketing is so much more that slapping "SALE!" on photo and e-blasting (yes it was called that) all of your customers. An Email Marketing Program is what every business needs these days to stay competitive in an ever growing fight for our customers attention. Here at The Email People we are unique in how we work with our customers. We give you access to our decades of email marketing experience. We don't take your monthly fee and unleash you on our app to make costly mistake after mistake like other E.S.P.'s. The Email People are here for you the day you sign up, to talk about your goals for your organization, and how we can leverage the awesomeness of email to reach and exceed those goals.

~300 Billion Emails are sent each day, or 3.5 Million emails per second. Your emails need to out-everything the competition. That's where The Email People come in. We are experts in email code best practices, drip campaigns, personalization, marketing, copywriting, deliverability, segmentation, automation & so much more.

We are different, and that's a really, really good thing.

Our team will not just help you get your account setup and ready to send. We are here with you for the long haul of developing and growing your Email Program. It really is an Email Marketing Program, with many moving parts, technologies, systems & campaigns. Each of our customers gets a dedicated person, not a chat bot, that goes on the journey too, working on your email marketing strategy with you.

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When businesses think about personalization in an email the first thing that they usually start with is the ol' "Hi FirstName" which isn't a bad thing, but it is only the beginning.

What used to be a novel way to make customers feel important in emails, is now common place. We expect our names to be included. Email personalization is a great way to build a relationship with your customers, if not done right, it can be a great way to get unsubscribes. For now we will focus on the positive side of email personalization.

Let's start with some fun facts.

80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.
83% of customers are willing to share their data to create a more personalized experience.
66% of customers expect brands to understand their individual needs.
90% of consumers in the US find the idea of personalization appealing.
72% of customers will only engage with personalized messaging.

Personalization is less about who you are,
but why you are here.

Those are some pretty great numbers. So why do people like personalization? One of the big reasons is, people want to be understood. We all want to be listened to, to have our opinions matter. How do we feel when someone important to our life or career calls us by the wrong name? It hurts a bit, and makes us feel un-important among other things. So when we personalize email content, we need to make sure we do it right.

These days I expect brands to personalize their advertising. I share a certain amount of my data so that I can see things relevant to me. The last thing I want to see as a bald guy, is an ad for shampoo. Thanks for rubbing it in my face that I am folic-ally challenged (not bitter, it's the best haircut I've ever had). Now beard butter, bring on the ads. I am always shopping for a better product to tame the beard.

Personalization and Automation are must-haves,
they can no longer be a someday.

A challenge that we face on the email personalization and really all personalization fronts are Privacy Regulations. Privacy Regulations are good, at the same time they create difficulties for marketers. There is a delicate balance in creating the personalized experience while not invading privacy, and abusing information to the point of being creepy. The line is very, very fine.

We have a big opportunity for us to develop greater trust and relationships with our customers. We do this through transparency. What data do we have, how we came about having it, and how will we use it, needs to be agreed upon at step 1 - Setting Expectations. "You want to sign up for our newsletter? Great check this box to agree to receiving newsletters, notifications and other marketing materials from us." Trust will also grow when we do things such as, not hiding our user preference centers or unsubscribe links, and my personal favorite (not) "We got your unsubscribe request, you will be unsubscribed in the next 10 days". Ten Days? Sign up was instantaneous! OK rant over. Your communication should be "You want out? We understand and that is cool with us, but are sad to see you go. We will take you back anytime you are ready. You may still get emails regarding your account." Open and honest communication = Transparency = Trust.

An important aspect of trust is in the content we send out. Does the content of our email meet or exceed the subject line? Once you deceive your customers and break that trust, they are no longer going to be your customer. It's the fastest way to the spam folder, and your emails will never see the light of day again.

Bluecores research shows that 74% of Baby Boomers think email is the most personal channel to receive communications from brands, followed by 72% of Gen X, 64% of Millennials, and 60% of Gen Z.

If you are interested in your personalization options and how to do it right, drop us a line, we'd love to chat.